3919 Cleveland Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44709


Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-noon

Lawn Mowers  Tractors  Chain Saws  Leaf Blowers

Snow Blowers  Tillers  String Trimmers  Used Equipment

  Pressure Washers


Estimate Deposit (applicable for each incoming machine excluding tractors)  $25.00 

Estimate Deposit (applicable for each incoming Tractor)                                        $40.00

Labor Rate for repairs                                                                                                    $80.00/hour


Tune-up specials (Not including additional cost of parts that may be needed)

Mowers (Includes Spark Plugs & Oil)

Push Mowers                            Starting @  $79.00

Self-Propelled                           Starting @  $89.00

Rear-Engine Rider                   Starting @  $169.00

Commercial Walk Behind      Starting @  $219.00

Residential Walk Behind        Starting @ $179.00

Commercial Zero turn            Starting @ $249.00

Residential Zero Turn             Starting @ $210.00

Tractors (Includes Spark Plugs & Oil)

Single-Cylinder                         Starting @  $199.00

Twin-Cylinder                          Starting @   $209.00

Transmission Belt

Installation                                Starting @  $99.00

Hand Helds  (includes Spark Plugs)

Chain Saws                             Starting @   $59.00

Weed Eaters                           Starting @   $59.00

Blowers                                    Starting @   $59.00

{ $25.00 Deposit Required }

Tillers (includes Spark Plugs & Oil) Subject to assessment at hourly rate

Sharpen Mower Blades off unit           $8.00 each

Sharpen Mower Blades on unit           $30.00 each

Sharpen Chain Saw Blades                      $10.00 each

Sharpen Chain on Chain Saw                 $30.00 each

Snow Blowers (includes Spark Plugs)

Single-stage                                  Starting at $55.00

Two-stage                                     Subject to assessment at hourly rate

Pressure Washers

Subject to assessment at hourly labor rate

Pick-up & Delivery:

$65.00 (large machinery-subject to assessment

$65.00 (hand mowers, tillers, snow blower)                                                           

(2nd unit $10.00)

Small Engine Technical Certifications: Kohler, Simplicity, Echo, Hydro-Gear, Shindaiwa, Husqvarna, X Mark, Cub Cadet, Troy Built, John Deere


    1.  Change engine oil & filter as applicable
    1.  Lubricate chassis, wheel spindles, pivoting axle, deck or auger
    1. Sharpen and balance mower blades or replace*
    1. Check mower level and adjust if necessary
    1. Inspect, clean, re-gap or replace spark plug(s)*
    1. Clean engine and transmission cooling fins and air intake
    1. inspect powertrain and add lubricant if required
    1. inspect belts and pulleys, and adjust if necessary*
    1. Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary
    1. Clean battery terminals
    1. Remove rear wheels/wires and lubricate axle
    1. Inspect and lubricate steering
    1.  Inspect and adjust carburetor if necessary
    1. Test engine RPMs and adjust if necessary
    1. Clean air filter or replace*
    1. Clean starting, charging and ignition systems
    1. Inspect shift/clutch mechanisms and lubricate
    1. Inspect throttle-control cable, check operation
    1. Inspect safety switches
    1. Check and adjust PTO clutch air gap
  1. Test overall performance

(*Parts are extra)